Holiday Kindle Sales in Millions

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Millions of Kindle 3 eReaders have sold in the past 73 days, announced Amazon in a blog Monday. That’s about as precise as Amazon gets about its Kindle sales. Another hint it dropped is that in the past 73 days, readers have purchased more Kindles than those sold by Amazon in all of 2009.

Heading into the holidays last year, about 4 million eReaders were expected to sell world wide by Insight Media and about 3 million in the U.S. by Forrester Research. The Kindle had an estimated 60 percent market share in the U.S. (and it went International in October 2009). So, while its not cut and dry, it’s probable that Amazon has sold over 2 million units in the past 73 days.

Garner expects worldwide eReader sales to surpass the 11 million unit market next year, up 68.3 percent over 2010.

Source: Amazon via Engadget, Gartner, Forrester via Reuters

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