New Potato FM/Bluetooth iPod Kit

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Here’s a wireless FM transmitter that’s truly wireless.

New Potato Technologies offers an FM transmitter with stereo Bluetooth so you can play songs wireless from an iPhone, iPod or iPad through the car radio. It plugs into the cigarette lighter like other FM transmitters. But in the case of New Potato’s TuneLink Auto, it uses Bluetooth to link to any iOS device so there’s no dongles or wires of any kind. And then it provides a connection to the car stereo over wireless FM.

It requires you download a free app due soon in the App Store so you can set the FM station you’ll use to connect to the car audio system.

If you want to charge your iOS device there’s a USB slot in the TuneLink Auto. It will be available at select retailers in mid-December for $99.99. Or you can buy it now at

Source: New Potato Technologies via Engadget

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