Audiovox Intro’s Lane Departure Product

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It’s a product that can help drivers guilty of indulging in texting while driving, at least to some degree, says Audiovox.

The company will introduce at the Consumer Electronics Show a lane departure warning system for a target $599 (installed) to ship around February.

“We think safety will be a major influence on product purchasing for the vehicles of in the future. We love that the technology is getting a lot of play from the car companies that have it,” said Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone. “It’s a way to help with the driving distraction issue. It’s not something that will do anything to your phone, but….you’ll get a notification if you drift out of your lane.”

The product will be offered to expediters initially but Malone says driver distraction will migrate to the aftermarket as well. “Years ago if it wasn’t car stereo, it didn’t get a lot of interest [from dealers]. I think the customers [dealers] are anxious for new categories,” he said.

Audiovox will also launch 9 new OE replacement radios at CES to ship around February.

Source: CEoutlook (exclusive)

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  1. After having a friend recently killed via drunk driving, I can’t help but wonder what a system like this would mean to drunk drivers and others on the road with them.

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