Parrot Intro’s Hands Free Texting

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Bluetooth kits are great but they don’t usually help you receive texts or answer them. So Parrot introduced a feature called TextFriendly that it’s adding to its Bluetooth car kits.

With TextFriendly you can press a button on a Parrot device and ask to send or receive texts and emails. The device then auto dials into a 1-800 service that will read aloud your texts and emails AND let you respond by voice.

Announced at the SEMA show, TextFriendly can be added as a firmware update to Parrot’s MKi and CK Bluetooth car kit lines. The company is also making a running manufacturing change so current MKi and CK kits will ship with TextFriendly going forward.

Parrot also said it has been building its Certified Installer Program that increased in membership by 50 percent this year.

Source: Parrot

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