Kindle to Get eBook Lending

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Amazon plans to add eBook lending to the Kindle, letting its users lend an eBook to a friend for up to 14 days.

Previously eBook lending was found almost exclusively on the Barnes & Noble Nook eReaders.

Amazon said eBook lending would begin later this year.

You can loan your Kindle eBooks to users of other Kindle devices or apps. And as on the Nook, the lender can’t read the eBook while it’s on loan to someone else.

Also, Amazon said not all eBooks will be lendable as the publisher of each title must approve lending.

Additionally, Amazon, in a blog said it is making Kindle newspapers and magazines viewable on its free Kindle app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in coming weeks and then on Android products subsequently. “Our vision is Buy Once, Read Everywhere,” said the Amazon blog.

Source: Amazon

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