Directed Cuts Price of SmartStart Module

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Directed Electronics cut the up-front price of its Viper SmartStart remote start-from-a-phone system to $199 and added roadside assistance in a new version 2.0 of the product.

Previously, consumers paid $299 for the module that installs in your car and then lets you remote start your car from any distance using an app on your smartphone.

The 2.0 module VSM200 now offers roadside assistance if your battery dies, for example, or if you’re locked out, or you need a tow. You access roadside help from within the smartphone app.

The catch is Directed upped the annual service fee on the module to $50 per year, from $30 per year; but you still get the $100 up front savings on the hardware. Directed said more features will be added in the fourth quarter.

“We created the smartphone car integration category last year with the launch of Viper SmartStart,” said Directed exec VP Mike Simmons. “… It’s clear that customers are very interested in controlling their car from their smartphone, and we will continue to lead this category by being first to market with the most advanced – and most affordable – solutions.”

The SmartStart module works with apps for iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones. A remote starter is also required.

The new module also now works with Viper remote start and security systems dating back to 2003, where the previous models worked with later model Viper products.

For remote starters from other Directed brands such as Clifford, Python, Avital, Autostart and Astroflex; a Directed SmartStart 2.0 is also available.

Source: Directed Electronics

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