Dell 7″ Tablet Due in Few Weeks: WSJ

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Looks like that 7-inch Dell tablet that company CEO Michael Dell revealed last week will ship in the next few weeks and it will be joined by a 10-inch tablet in 6 to 12 months.

Dell had briefly flashed the 7-inch tablet during an Oracle conference but he offered no details on shipping or pricing.

Specifically, Dell China president Amit Midha told the Wall Street Journal that the 7-inch Dell tablet will “be launching very, very soon—within the next few weeks. And that a 3-inch product is “very much in the near future.” He also referred to a “slew” of devices forthcoming that will include 4- and 10-inch screens.

Dell is still considering whether to use Google’s Chrome operating system on the new tablets, he added.

In August, Dell launched a 5-inch Streak Android tablet that doubles as a smartphone. The Streak is due to be sold at Best Buy but there’s no word yet on a ship date.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Photo: Dell’s original 5-inch Streak tablet

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