iPad, Galaxy Tab Head to More Regional Chains

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Merry Christmas authorized Apple retailers. Apple has opened up distribution of the iPad to authorized resellers—including those that are consumer electronics chains—through two distributors including Tech Data, said Tech Data.

As a result Nebraska Furniture Mart is the latest retailer to pick up the device, joining J&R Computer and Music World. Both are displaying the iPad prominently on their Web sites.

And for all you patient CE retail buyers disappointed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is to ship only through wireless carriers, take heart. Distributor D&H told us it expects to stock the forthcoming WiFi version of the Galaxy Tab, which will be offered through select retailers. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when the Android based WiFi tablet will ship.

D&H senior VP Jeff Davis said the distributor also expects to carry other tablets as they become available from HP, Toshiba and Lenovo.

As for the iPad, Adorama and also Datavision hope to receive the iPad shortly. Late last week, Target confirmed it will start selling the iPad on October 3. And over the weekend the iPad rolled out to all 1000+ Best Buy stores (it was previously available in only about half of Best Buy’s locations). Walmart has said in the past it expects to sell the iPad before the end of the year.

So unlike the iPhone, whose CE presence is restricted mainly to Best Buy, Walmart and Radio Shack, the iPad seems to be heading for broader distribution.

Apple Insider first reported that Tech Data began selling the iPad to authorized resellers last Thursday.

Source: CEoutlook and Apple Insider

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