12% Plan to Buy an eReader Soon

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One in 10 online Americans (8 percent) use an electronic reader of some kind, says a new Harris Poll.

An indicator of Christmas sales in the category, the poll found that 12 percent of those who don’t yet own an eReader plan to get one in the next 6 months.

But almost 60 percent said they are not at all likely to get an eReader and 21 percent said they not very likely to get one.

People living on the coasts were more likely to want to buy an eReader than in the middle states. On the west coast 16 percent said they are likely to purchase an eReader and on the east coast, 14 percent said so.

Total %
Likely (NET) 12
Very likely 3
Somewhat likely 9
Not likely (NET) 80
Not very likely 21
Not at all likely 59
Not at all sure 8

People also seem to be reading more once they buy an eReader. Over half of eReader owners say they read more now than they did 6 months ago, which bodes well for the publishing industry.

The survey polled 2,775 adults online in August.

Source: Harris Interactive

Photo: Kindle

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