35 Tablets Head for CES

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Tech buyers will want to bring comfortable shoes to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January as approximately 35 tablet PCs will be shown by nearly every laptop company at the upcoming CES in January, says analyst Tim Bajarian in PC Magazine.

But most of the tablets won’t be ready for prime time.

It’s like eReaders at CES last year. “There were plenty of them out there. A lot of them simply weren’t up to snuff. A lot were pre-production. I think those 35 tablets we’ll see at CES will be pretty similar. Android will be on a majority of them,” said Yankee Group analyst Dmitriy Molchanov.

It will take significant modification of an Android OS to create a great tablet, “that really delivers content and interacts with the Web,” and devices with these modified or customized OSes will not likely be ready until later in 2011, said Molchanov. Many of the devices will also run Windows 7 which is not optimized for a tablet, say analysts.

Some exceptions may come from Hewlett-Packard and Research in Motion, who are reportedly planning tablets using proprietary OSes from Palm and QNX, respectively.

Source: PC Magazine, CEoutlook, Engadget and Bloomberg via Boy Genius Report
Photo: Apple iPad, whose share is expected to remain at 74% or higher this year.

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