1st OEM Integration Under Kicker Brand

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Kicker is shipping a zero summing device, the ZXSUM8, that is its first OEM integration product under the Kicker brand. It adjusts the sound processing in a factory radio so you can add aftermarket speakers and amplifiers without a distorted audio result.

The ZXSUM8 also has an aux-in jack to add an iPod or other portable device to the system.

Factory radios often include digital signal processing to optimize the factory radio with the factory speakers. If you want to add new speakers, you want to start with a clean signal signal without that DSP. The SZSUM8 “sums and balances” the signals of a factory system into a full bandwidth line-level output signal.

The company just sent out a release on the $230-suggested system, but it began shipping in April.
Source: Kicker

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