FridgePad Due this Fall

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Your iPad needs a safe place in the kitchen where it won’t get smudged, splashed and dropped. So there’s a FridgePad bracket coming this fall.

For about $75 you get a bracket that mounts on the fridge by a magnet strong enough to keep the bracket and iPad in place. The tablet snaps in and out. You can listen to music in the kitchen while the iPad is mounted on the fridge or check recipes, and the weather.

The device is from Woodford Design, which claims the FridgePad is the “first and only Apple iPad fridge mount.” The bracket is made from aluminum and finished in anodized silver although finishes in cream, white and black will be offered later.

Woodford promises the magnetic mount won’t harm the fridge nor affect the iPad’s, battery, memory or wireless access. “The only effect that you will see on your iPad is that the inbuilt compass will not be very accurate and will report an error. This is simply because the earths magnetic field it is trying to detect is being disrupted by the FridgePads magnet. This will not damage the iPads compass,” claims the FridgePad web site.

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