Augen $89 eReader at Kmart

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One of the many low priced eReaders we can expect to see for Christmas is already at Kmart from Augen. The company is offering a 7-inch color eReader with WiFi for $89 (although the product is offered on other sites for pre-order at $129, says the The eBook Reader).

Imaginatively called “The Book,” the device forgoes an E Ink screen (optimized for eReading and low power) in favor of a color LCD. It has a hard keyboard on the bottom and 2GB of memory for storing up to 1,400 books. It’s licensed for Adobe DRM so you can buy eBooks from many leading ebook sites.

Other features include text-to-speech to read aloud books and a built in MP3 player. It uses a 400MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, and the display is 800 by 480.

Although The eBook Reader blog was able to buy one at Kmart and review it, the unit is now listed as temporarily out of stock on

It comes in a case as shown here.

Source: Augen, The eBook Reader
Photo via Kmart

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