Summer Tablet Update

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There’s no honest competitor to the Apple iPad in sight but if you want a review of tablet PCs, CrunchGear presents an updated Who’s Who in the category. And we add some late summer updates.

On CrunchGear’s list most of the devices have yet to ship or have received mixed reviews.

In the yet-to-ship category is the Dell Streak, Notion Ink Adam, HP Slate and Lenovo IdeaPad UI Hybrid. The Spring Design Alex (eReader/tablet) is shipping, but not the 3G version. CrunchGear overlooked the Plastic Logic Que—also delayed without a target date.

Products on the market include the Viliv X70 ( 7-inch running on Windows XP); the Archos 9; the Viliv S10 Blade 10-inch convertible tablet; and enTourage eDGE dual screen eReader/tablet.

Here’s some additional tablet updates:
The Dell Streak is expected to hit U.S. shores at the end of the summer.
EnTourage says a 3Gv version of the eDGE is due in late summer or early fall. No pricing has been announced.
Spring Design plans 3G versions of its Alex this summer.

But in the future, almost every broad line CE and computer supplier may offer a tablet. Microsoft announced yesterday that as many as 20 Windows 7-based tablet PCs are in development from companies including Asus, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony. A Google/Verizon tablet is under discussion according to reports. We’ve reported that bargain tablets will be offered by Nextar and Aluratek.

Source: CrunchGear, CEoutlook
Photo: Dell Streak

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