Kindle DX Gets Lower Price

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Amazon is aggressively tweaking its posture in the post-iPad world, while ratcheting up the competition for other eReader suppliers.

Today, the company updated its large-screen Kindle DX and dropped the price by $110 to $379.

The Kindle DX screen remains at 9.7-inches but the E Ink display now has 50 percent better contrast for clearer text and sharper images. Also the DX comes in a graphite color, said Amazon.

Pre-orders begin Thursday at and the unit will ship July 7.

Amazon has updated a Kindle feature each day this week. Wednesday, Amazon improved its ability to let users sample the eBooks in its Kindle store. Tuesday it launched an Android eReader app, and on Monday it added audio and video capability to Kindle apps.

The new price drop makes the Kindle DX more competitive with Sony Digital Edition at $300. The Sony Reader has a 7-inch Touch E Ink screen compared to the Kindle’s 9.7-inch non-touch screen. Both models offer 3G over-the-air downloads.

Source: Amazon
Photo: Original Kindle DX in white

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