First FLO TV Car Kit from NAV-TV

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NAV-TV is offering the first FLO-TV car kit to let a factory dashboard screen work with a FLO TV car tuner, it said.

The $299 Barracuda kit for GM vehicles can now be hard-wired to a FLO TV tuner so the user can watch 20 channels of mostly live TV on the car’s dashboard screen, even while the car is in motion. Users change channels via the steering wheel controls.

The new capability requires a software download via USB to the Barracuda that originally went on sale last October to permit in-motion video on the car’s screen. It also unlocks the car navigation so users can input an address while the car is motion. Additionally, it can link a rear vision camera or FLIR night vision camera to the factory screen (see second video below).

For FLO TV, users must also purchase a $400 Jensen FLO TV tuner and a subscription. The tuner system receives ABC, Disney, ESPN, FOX News, CBS Mobile, Nickelodeon and other programming.

The Barracuda does not work with FLO TV from a phone or a personal TV; it works with a car tuner exclusively.

Source: NAV-TV

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