Plastic Logic Cancels Pre-orders

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It’s been a cruel spring for eReaders. First iRex goes bankrupt, then the bottom drops in pricing, and now Plastic Logic has canceled pre-orders for the QUE and is delaying yet again. Blame it all (or much of it) on the iPad says iSuppli, confirming what we all knew.

Plastic Logic told its customers, “We’ve been working hard to bring the world’s first product based on plastic electronics technology to market — and have decided that delaying the device a bit longer will result in a better product for you. With that in mind, we need to let you know that since your unit will not ship on June 24 as planned, our automated ordering system has automatically cancelled your order….. We continue to be excited about the potential that our thin, light and shatter-proof ProReader will offer to business users everywhere, and hope we can count you among the first to experience this groundbreaking device.”

No new target date for the QUE eReader has been given. This is the QUE’s second delay. It was originally due for release this spring but in March, Plastic Logic said consumers would have to wait until summer.

The QUE offers a 10.7-inch screen at $649 (WiFi, 4GB) or $799 (WiFi +3G, 8GB). It will be sold through Barnes & Noble as well as online.

Source: Engadget

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