Magellan Adds Lifetime Traffic to Full Line

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GPS maker Magellan is adding free lifetime traffic to its full 2010 line up plus a new GPS “wake up” feature.
The standout model in the line, RoadMate 3065, includes “traffic wake-up” and “periodic reporting.” The wake up feature lets you set a time of day for your commute and the GPS device will automatically wake up 30 minutes prior to gather traffic information.
Since GPS devices must prioritize which traffic data to show the user, the calculations can take a bit of time, which means when you first turn on the device, the traffic picture may not be complete. The problem is that many commuters decide which route to take when they first turn on the device. Magellan senior director product marketing Mike Wagner said, “Magellan recognized the challenge this posed to commuters and developed the only GPS navigator with the Traffic Wake-up feature. Two times a day the Magellan RoadMate 3065 Commuter will wake itself up 30 minutes before your pre-determined commute starts and begin gathering traffic information.”
An additional periodic reporting tracks your mileage and can issue a year-end report for tax purposes.
The RoadMate 3065 also has a 4.7-inch screen, free map updates as well as free traffic, Bluetooth and voice dialing.
All the new Magellan models—about 8—include spoken street names and range in screen sizes from 4.3 to 5-inches. Other features include a find-your-car alert, lane assistance and AAA Tourbook at prices from $169.99 to $299.99.
Source: Magellan
Photo via Amazon of RoadMate 3065

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