QUE Preorders to be Filled in June

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Plastic Logic is blaming the delayed release of its high end plastic QUE eReader on a shift in its manufacturing process, said EE Times quoting Achim Neu, a director at Plastic Logic who spoke at a recent conference in Germany.
The QUE, originally scheduled to ship in April, will be delayed although existing orders will be filled in June for the $650 to $800 device, said the director. Plastic Logic also plans to demonstrate a color device by the end of 2011 with volume production to occur in 2012. A color screen would help standalone eReaders (now with monochrome screens) compete with devices like the iPad. Color screens would also help smooth the transition from textbooks to e-textbooks that require color for charts and illustrations.
The QUE offers a 10.7-inch screen at $649 (WiFi, 4GB) or $799 (WiFi +3G, 8GB). It will be sold through Barnes & Noble as well as online. Plastic Logic announced in March that shipping would be delayed until this summer.
Source: EE Times

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