Plastic Logic NOT for Sale

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Plastic Logic is not up for sale despite a recent report stating the opposite by the UK’s Financial Times.
A spokesman for Plastic Logic, which is about to release the QUE eReader this summer, said Plastic Logic’s investor Amadeus Capital Partners co-founded by Hermann Hauser, refutes the claim that Plastic Logic is on the sales block. Hauser’s response to the Financial Times report is: “My comments were taken out of context. I was talking about partnerships we are working on, the value of Plastic Logic technology and its potential for the future – not a sale of the company. The Company is not for sale.”
Plastic Logic also says it is still on track to begin shipping this summer the QUE–a plastic eReader aimed at business users—to Barnes & Noble and online customers. The QUE was originally expected to ship this Spring. The QUE has a 10.7-inch screen at $649 (WiFi, 4GB) or $799 (WiFi +3G, 8GB).
Source: Plastic Logic with reference to The Financial Times

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