Walmart Buys VUDU

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In a signal that ordinary TV-watching is now a thing of the past, and Internet-connected TVs will soon be every-day, Walmart said it acquired VUDU.

VUDU connects your TV, Blu-ray player, etc. to new movies and TV shows (without requiring a computer). Companies including LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sharp, Sanyo, Toshiba and Vizio have aligned with VUDU to include its service in their video products. A nice review on VUDU can be seen here.

Walmart’s acquisition of VUDU is expected to close in a few weeks for an undisclosed sum, although The New York Times said the deal was valued at over $100 million and that VUDU raised $60 million in capital prior to the deal.

VUDU has licensing agreements with almost every major movie studio and it offers approximately 16,000 movies. Through a broadband connection, users may rent or buy titles for immediate viewing. VUDU has also partnered with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, The New York Times and The Associated Press to add their applications to the VUDU service.

VUDU executive VP Edward Lichty said the deal with Walmart will “take our company’s vision to the next level. VUDU’s services and Apps platform will give Walmart a powerful new vehicle to offer customers the content they want in a way that expands the frontier of quality, value and convenience.”

VUDU, based in Santa Clara, Calif., will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walmart.
Source: Walmart

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