Over 3 Million Kindles to Sell in 2010

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If you are wondering how many Amazon Kindle eReaders will sell this year, the answer is 3.1 million, according to Doug Anmuth, analyst at Barclays Capital.
That would account for almost half the total global sales of eReaders expected in 2010 of about 7 million according to ABI Research. (For the U.S., total eReader sales should reach 6 million as per the Yankee Group).
For Amazon, this would mean a 62 percent increase over last year’s Kindle sales.
Anmuth also adds his voice to the prevailing opinion that the Kindle is not going to compete head on with the upcoming Apple iPad as the Kindle is significantly lower in price and appeals to a different audience—one that wants long battery life, an easy-to-read E-Ink screen and other optimized ereading features.

Source: paidContent.org

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