Changing of the Guard at Car Toys

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For anyone in the car AV industry, it’s big news when the head buyer changes at Car Toys–one of the largest regional chains in the industry, with 52-stores in four states.

It’s even bigger news when two top industry buyers are involved in a 12-volt soap opera.   The new senior VP of merchandising at Car Toys is Jim Warren, who returns to the very post he left four years ago, replacing industry veteran Dan Jeancola, whose new gig is not yet known.

Warren was recently VP Mobile Audio at Audiovox (for the past few months) and a VP at Harman International for four years prior to that.  Jeancola is an industry heavy-weight who has held key buying posts at Tweeter and Sound Advice prior to heading West and braving the rain to oversee things at Seattle-based Car Toys.  Jeancola’s Plaxo status shows a new work number and email address and a note stating “Looking for next ride!”  Warren’s LinkedIn status confirms his new title.  Warren did not return our phone calls and Jeancola did not respond to an email.  We’re not taking sides here so let’s just say “Good Luck” to all.

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