Prominent Distributor Faces Closure

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Next Level Distribution Closing Doors

Next Level Distribution (previously Audio America), perhaps the largest car audio distributor in Florida, is expected to close its doors after selling through inventory.

Two employees at Next Level confirmed that the 30-year old company is closing its doors after it sells through inventory, which it is pursing in a “business as usual fashion,” with no set timetable.

At least four suppliers also confirmed the distributor is in the process of closing its doors.

Next Level did not formally respond to our inquiries.

The company is expected to send out official notices to suppliers within the next two weeks.

Next Level carries brands including Pioneer, KICKER, KENWOOD, JVC, BOSS, Metra, and PowerBass and it stocks home audio as well.  It is known especially as a large LG TV distributor, suppliers and dealers said.

Previously called Audio America, it acquired the distributor Consumer Electronics Distributions, CED, in 2020 and then changed its name to Next Level Distribution.  It has operated locations  in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Jupiter, FL, Milwaukee, WI, and Minneapolis, MN.

The company also fulfills orders for e-commerce sites include and, said several industry members.

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  1. both parties had their ups and down when it comes to the economy, so do not waste your breath. what you need to do is take advantage of the situation regardless who is in charge. look after yourself and your family.

  2. It is truly disheartening to receive this news. These individuals have been a longstanding presence in the Florida market, and their expansion into the Southeast initially raised some concerns. However, upon getting acquainted with Bill Dolsen and his team, we discovered numerous commonalities, and I genuinely believe that they are individuals of integrity. They have fostered a loyal workforce, evident from the employees who have remained with them for years, which indicates their commitment to treating people well. I implore others to consider the impact of their words before posting and to show more compassion towards the owners and employees who are currently facing hardships. If anyone is seeking employment opportunities, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. This news is undeniably tragic, and my thoughts go out to all involved.

  3. Sad to hear this. I did a lot of business with them throughout the 90s and into early 00 when I left the industry. Had some great times at their in house dealer shows and at SBN. They always treated me right.

  4. Heard Bank takes over today & dealer told me his sales rep thats been there for 30 yrs was let go Friday. They tried Ecommerce selling directly to public that also was part of issue from what i heard. Sad

  5. My business began in 1978 with the original owners of F&R Distributors before they became Audio America when it was purchased by Anthony Anniano. That business was strong for so many years. Not sure why, I’m certain for good reason, i suppose. I always got good and personalized service from Nav.

    1. Missed where Biden made them sell Kicker L7s $5 over distributor cost. Them and Wholesale House, both.

    2. Ah yes, and we would expect the republicans to do a good job helping them stay open through their trouble with all their social security nets and funding for the little guys! Hmmmm. Certainly wouldn’t set it up so a huge hedge fund could scoop up their building for pennies on the dollar after the business goes under, that would never happen, nope no way.

    3. Always love you Repubs who have no concept nor understanding of economics. Blame Biden because we are in a high inflationary period .

      How did we get here? Could have nothing to do with free money for 12-16 years and the Trump presidenciy handing money out like jelly beans at easter to all kiddies and business’s that needed them to survive during the pandemic.

      When the avg joe can buy anything he wants with free money and stay home i guess that wouldnt drive up inflation? When borrowing money is at zero interest rates that wouldnt increase pricing on homes or cars would it? When money isnt free any longer this is always what happens. Sad to see a growing Disty go down . Its not the first nor will it be the last.

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