Mobile Solutions’ Super Advanced MasterTech Door Panel Class

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MasterTech Door Panel Class

Press Release: TEMPE, AZ–Mobile Solutions recently wrapped up an advanced course in door panel fabrication at their Tempe, AZ facility. Called MasterTech Advanced Door Panel Fabrication, this four-day class introduced many new techniques to enhance design and appearance, all while focusing on saving valuable time in the process.

“This advanced class featuring world-class instructors such as Chris Pate, Justin Kush, Gary Bell, Ata Ehdaivand, Andrew Evens and some of the best fabricators as attendees in the business was an elevated training session seldom seen in the industry,” said Bryan Schmitt, lead instructor and CEO of Mobile Solutions.Schmitt.

The attendee take-home project was very ambitious for the short time allowed, but encompassed so many techniques taught in the class.

The design and foundational techniques, blended together with router and finishing techniques. This was the basis of the MasterTech Advanced Door Panel Fabrication.

The training involved 2D/3D scanning which allows reverse engineering, and introduced computer aided design (CAD) software and techniques.


Here is an overview of what the four-day training included:

Day 1) Design Fundamentals – Drawing Full Scale – Digitizing in 2D – Drawing in Procreate


Day 2) Advanced Router techniques – Panel Engineering – 3D CAD Fusion 360 – Peel 3D Scanning


Day 3) Plastic and Composites – Advanced Lighting – 3D Routing and contouring – Mounting and Hardware


Day 4) Sewing – Stitching – OEM Finishes – Advanced Upholstery


Attendee Gary Biggs, already a well-known seasoned fabricator, commented about the training “the best way I can describe this class is that it exceeded every expectation I had. There was so much inspiration and collaboration in the four days that I am inspired to get back into the shop to apply these polished skills to my next projects.”


Bryan Schmitt summed it up by saying “we have limited seating at these in-house training sessions and we were so pleased at the skill level, attentiveness and team work among the attendees and their take-home projects that we are confident we’re delivering some of the most targeted, high-level fabrication training available in the industry today.”


Visit Mobile Solutions’ website for more information on new in-house specialized training classes, as well as for the 2024 MasterTech Expo education program details slated for March 3-6, 2024 at Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona. Pre-registration for the Expo begins September 5th, 2023.



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