First Streaming Device for Any CarPlay Module

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GCH Streaming

GCH Automotive announced a new streaming module that adds Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other services within a CarPlay or Android interface. It is the first module to work not only with factory or aftermarket radios, but also add-on CarPlay solutions from all vendors, said the company.

GCH President Greg Delgado said the new USB streaming device “even works with Chinese manufacturers of CarPlay/Android Auto solutions.”

He added, “We are the first company to make a module that works with everyone else’s solutions, not just our own. We are able to do that because GCH controls and produces our own data and software.  We are able to provide on the go data modifications if necessary to make sure the vehicle you are integrating into provides the experience you/ your client are expecting.”

GCH Streaming

The USB streaming device comes in two models, which also convert wired CarPlay/Android Auto devices to wireless.  The STREAMPRO-ALL comes preloaded with streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and more on top of access to the Google Play store to add other apps.

The step-down version is the STREAMELITE-ALL that provides Netflix, YouTube, DISNEY+ and phone mirroring.

Once the GCH modules are plugged in the user views and controls the apps on the radio screen.

“GCH made a conscious effort to make a product that works with everyone’s modules from your favorite CarPlay solutions providers.  If you have a client that wants to add streaming you have one piece that can work with any device.”

The kits include a WiFi receiver and the user connects to a smartphone or portable hotspot for unrestricted access to wireless apps   Users can also insert their own SIM card into the units if they don’t want to connect to a hotspot.

Additional features include:

  • Split screen dual operation-Multiple APPS working simultaneously ONSCREEN.
  • Optional HDMI output for slave type screen sharing
  • Expansion slot for increasing memory storage
  • SIM CARD slot- if you choose not to use an external WIFI for streaming APPS.
  • 3-year warranty

The price is $250-$299 wholesale.

For information go to or contact [email protected] or 951-847-5673.

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    1. The device won’t do mirroring because u can control the app directly from the device. This will avoid any lock outs that many streaming apps do while in motion. Plus it’s a better pic.

    1. We made the same unit for BMW as BMW is wireless connectivity only and as such we produced a wireless version for it exclusively.

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