Massive Audio Enters Head Unit Market With Wireless CarPlay

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Massive Audio CarPlay Deck

Long time speaker and amplifier supplier, Massive Audio, has entered the step-up head unit market.

Its new deck includes the advanced features of wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto.

The H7CPAW 7-inch deck is sourced in a factory producing Tier 1 car radios, said Massive Audio’s Ben Holt. The deck has been shipping for the last two weeks at a retail price of $599.

Massive Audio entered the US radio market earlier this year with a basic wired CarPlay/Android Auto deck with 7-inch screen, the model H7MCP at $299.99.  It originally began selling radios in Australia, Pakistan and the Asian market last year, Holt said.

A 10-inch wired CarPlay/Android Auto deck is also planned this year.

“There were shortages and we had an opportunity to get into a Tier 1 factory,” he said of the market entry.

Another long-time speaker/amplifier company, Cerwin Vega Mobile, also recently entered the head unit market.  And Blaupunkt is re-entering the US market.

Additionally, Massive Audio is launching a new nationwide program for dealers.   It has partnered with 14 dealers around the country to help collaborate on demo car builds.  Select dealers will also help Massive Audio display at shows and develop video content for social media.  Massive Audio is seeking another six dealers to join the program, Holt said.

The company also recently began offering financing to dealers who qualify.


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