Kicker Ships New Down-Firing Loaded Sub Enclosures

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Kicker New Down-Firing Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures

Kicker is adding to its down-firing enclosed subwoofer lineup, shipping three new models, each including a slim-mount square subwoofer.

The enclosures are designed to fit under a seat or in the vehicle’s cargo area, and their down-firing design allows cargo and objects to be placed on the top of them.

They use Kicker L7T subwoofers in 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes.  All use a single 2-Ohm terminal, at retail prices from $279.99-$379.99.

The  L7T has a “Forced-Air Cooling” system that uses the woofer’s own cone movement to route more air through its motor, forcing unwanted heat out of vents built into the backplate and allowing the sub to run cooler than previous versions, said Kicker.

The subwoofer’s top-plate has a “bumped” design, allowing extra excursion and longer throw for deeper overall bass in a thin mount.

As always, the speaker’s square cone provides nearly 20 percent additional cone area compared to a standard round-shaped sub of the same size, making a 12-inch square sub perform like a 13-inch round subwoofer, said Kicker


L7TDF Down-Firing Loaded Enclosures Specifications


Model                                               L7TDF12            L7TDF10            L7TDF8

Woofer [in, cm]                                12, 30                  10, 25                  8, 20

Rated Impedance [Ohms]             2                           2                           2

Rec. Amp Power [watts RMS]      300-600               250-500               175-300

Frequency Response [Hz]            25-100                 25-100                 30-100

Sensitivity [dB; 1W, 1m]                86.1                      84.1                      82.1

Down-Firing Height [in, cm]          6 1/2, 16.7           6 1/8, 15.6           5 1/8, 13.2

Down-Firing Depth [in, cm]           15, 38                  14 3/8, 36.5        13 3/8, 34

Down-Firing Width [in, cm]            23 7/8, 60.5        23 3/8, 59.5        23, 58.5

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