Ford Launches Real Time Car Security With ADT

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Ford Joins ADT in Car Security

Ford  is teaming up with ADT to create self- installed, modular smart car security.

It will launch early next year, camera/sensor security systems to monitor cargo in Ford 150s and Transit vans, along with  the ability to view and respond to theft in real time.  The sensors can be easily installed by consumers, as in home smart security systems.

Under the new Ford/ADT venture called Canopy, Ford will also start embedding camera security in vehicles next year.  These will protect both the inside and outside of vehicles.

Eventually, Canopy will try to supply other automakers.

The first Canopy systems will include a camera that can be mounted in a pickup facing the bed or in the cargo area of a van.  AI technology will be used to  identify and report credible threats while reducing false alarm signals, said Ford.

  • Customers will be connected to the system via the Canopy app to livestream video from the vehicle, get notified of suspicious activity, or review past events.
  • The system will trigger a smartphone alert of any indicators of potential criminal activity, such as breaking glass, metal cutting, or suspicious motion or sound near the vehicle.
  • Customers can warn potential thieves they are being monitored by speaking through the smartphone app, enabled by a two-way audio feature that will be available by next year.
  • The system’s AI is designed to distinguish true threats from benign acts – such as a cat jumping into a pickup bed or construction sounds near a vehicle – before alerting the owner or ADT monitoring agents of potential theft.
  • The system will alert ADT monitoring professionals if it detects a person loitering around or breaching the vehicle.

ADT monitoring agents can then contact customers, fleet managers, or police.  Credible threats will also trigger audible alerts and programmable voice recordings and two-way audio in future updates.

The Canopy products will be sold through car dealers, major retailers, and online, said Ford.

The FBI estimates that stolen work equipment cost more than $7.4 billion in 2020 in the U.S.

Canopy will explore insurance benefits for the technology and will seek relationships with other automotive companies.

Ford and ADT expect to invest approximately $100 million during the next three years in Canopy, which will be headquartered in Detroit and London.

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