New 12V Lookup Tool: The 12Vdashboard

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the 12v dashboard

A new 12 volt “lookup” tool for adding aftermarket kits, remote start, lights and other products to cars is launching at KnowledgeFest in Indianapolis, October 8 -10.

The Internet portal called the 12vdashboard was developed by retailer Brian Hampson, Owner of Stereo West Auto Toys, Nebraska. It represents 10 years of his team’s gathering data.  He’s now offering it to other retailers at a starting price of $99/month.

Currently 17 retailers are using the tool in addition to 9 retailers who are regular testers of the site at

The project started as a way for the store to maintain a data base of knowledge accrued.  “We had techs that knew the tricks and tips and they would leave and that information would go with them,” said Hampson. “So I thought there has to be a way to keep this data…I built it for my own sake so when a guy left, we’d still know how to do this car. And it grew from there.”

He said the site is different from other lookup tools because it drills down to details such as whether or not a factory system is amplified. It also includes uses for harnesses and kits that might go beyond their original purpose.

The 12vdashboard also reminds the salesperson of other accessories available for the particular vehicle such as a Tonneau cover or a ZZ-2 CarPlay interface, so it acts as a sales tool.

The site has a “my notes” and “my pictures” section where users can add their own notes to any Year Make and Model vehicle, and those will be shown just for them the next time they look that vehicle up when they are logged in.

Mid-State Distributing is the national distributor for the12vdashboard.  A special version of the portal is available to MES Family members/ subscribers.

For more information click here.

The site offers the following data:

Radio Replacement

Dash Kits, Radio Harnesses, Interfaces, OEM USB Retention, BOSE, Infinity, HK, OEM Systems parts.

Amp Integration

Factory Amp Locations; Harnesses; Integration pieces; ANC wire warnings, locations, and colors.

Backup Cameras and Interfaces

Backup Cameras, Vehicle Specific Interfaces for OEM Displays.

Safety Products

Backup Sensors, Warning Sensors, Cruise Control, Blind Spot Integration. All the interfaces,and recommended install times.

Enclosures that fit

Cab sizes on trucks, what enclosures fit in all of our vehicles in the database.

Remote Starts

DEI and Firstech Quick lookup

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