Competition Guys Launch Power Hogg

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New Car Audio Brand PowerHogg

A few long-time car audio enthusiasts and competitors just launched a new brand of subwoofers, amplifiers, and batteries out of Georgia called Power Hogg.

After competing in the sound off lanes for many years, they noticed common problems with many products and developed a wish list of features.  They began working with some of the same factories as a few popular DIY brands and developed a line that offers accurate power ratings, easy cone replacements, and affordable price points.

Power Hogg sells to both car audio dealers and consumers.

One of the partners, Scott Dilbeck, said the company, which launched in mid-December, took off so fast he’s hired someone to replace him at his day job as the owner of a Snap-On Tool franchise.  Power Hogg’s website only went live on May 3.

The company will soon add midbass drivers and tweeters. And it found a local producer to make battery terminals and hardware kits.

Power Hogg woofer

“We’re a firm believer that people need to stop throwing their speakers in the trash. All our speakers can accept drop-in recone kits. We direct ship to customers,” said Dilbeck, whose partners include Reginald and Angela Russell and Casey Kovarik.

Hogg subwoofers range in price from $200 to $700. The upcoming 6.5-inch midbass drivers will retail at about $200/pair. Razorback amplifiers range in price from $400 to $1,200 and are sold out with more on the way.  Subwoofer recone kits range from $80 to $200.

All speakers will offer drop-in cone replacements including Power Hogg tweeters.  “Kids just want to see these things last,” said Dilbeck.

Another feature of the line is its price points. “We saw quite a few of the brands are seeing profit margins over 100 percent selling to their dealers and then it’s marked up from there.  We [developed] a no-corners-cut product for the best price you can get.” He said of woofers on the market at $250 and $350, “If you blow one of those it’s literally just a paper weight.  You have to get to the $500 range before you get to where they recone.”

As to product power ratings, Dilbeck said, “You see manufacturers drastically overrating their product or drastically underrating them. We want to provide a very accurately produced driver. All products, we double and triple check them. It’s a lot of work and a lot of team work,” he added.

How did the team make the leap from competitors to supplier? They took their ideas and approached a factory overseas.  “There’s only a select number of manufacturing facilities that make these components for speakers and amplifiers.” Prior to Power Hogg “we noticed that two manufacturers we’re familiar with released the same speaker and tweeter assembly.  They looked identical other than the box. So we went down the rabbit hole [contacting the factory] and it literally started with an email. It went from there. It was a leap of faith.”

“Each of us had a decade plus of experience, so we also had a lot of connections in the community,” added Dilbeck.

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Photo: Scott Dilbeck (bottom left), Casey Kovarick (top left), Reginald and Angela Russell (right and far right)

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