Phoenix Gold Intros New Line of Amps, Subs

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Phoenix Gold New Line Amps Subs

Phoenix Gold announced an all-new line of GX amplifiers and subwoofers with more power and larger form factors than its current MX line.

The new line also offers more sophisticated installation features such as proprietary plugs on the amplifiers for easy removal and installation.  Also, the amplifier line now goes up to 6 channels.

Where the MX line is micro in footprint, the GX line offers larger sizes and more power output.

The GX line began shipping this week.

GX subwoofers feature MLB collar technology enabling micro-level bonding for increased strength between the cone and spider. They are also three times more structurally rigid, which increases the life of the voice coil.  They are available in 10-inch (GX10D4, GX10D2), and 12-inch (GX12D4, GX12D2) sizes with 8-inch coming soon.

GX amplifiers are available in 1200-watt, 6-channel (GX1200.6), 1200-watt, 1-channel (GX1200.1) and 800-watt, 4-channel (GX800.4).


GX subwoofer key features include:

  • Dual Cone Design – to strengthen the rigidity of the woofer’s cone body to minimize the distortion while increasing the handling of high pressure produced in the subwoofer enclosure
  • Magnetic FEA High-Efficiency Motor – provides the highest possible, efficient motor design
  • Thermal Efficient Design via Vented Motor provides better thermal efficiency, reduces motor compression, and extends low-frequency response
  • Double Looped and Sleeved Lead Wires for High Excursion – reduces wire roping and allows high excursion, increased flexibility, and long life
  • Special Push Type Terminals with Short Prevention
  • Bent Edge Enhanced Frame (BEEF’ed Up) – minimizes overall resonance and provides accurate sound with less distortion
  • Linear Surround Technology – for high excursion
  • Black Anodized Voice Coil Former – heat dissipation
  • Linear Long Throw Spider Suspension – for increased output and power handling
  • Large 2.5” Voice Coil for GX12D4, GX12D2, GX10D4, GX10D2
  • Removable Gasket for Adding Grills – G112 (GX12D4 / GX12D2), G110 (GX10D4 / GX10D2)


GX amplifier key features include:

  • Proprietary PG Quick Connects
  • Flush Mountable Bass Knob
  • Full Radiation Heat Sink
  • Single-Sided Control Panel
  • Onboard Short/Therm/Imped Protection
  • Audiophile Grade Full Range Class D (GX800.4/GX1200.6)
  • High Pass and Low Pass Crossovers (GX800.4/1GX200.6)
  • High-Level Input Capable – for Easy OEM Integration
  • Selectable Balanced / Unbalanced Inputs
  • Surface-Mount Component Technology
  • Multi-Input Selector
  • Low Pass and Subsonic Crossovers (GX1200.1)
  • 0-1800 degree Variable Phase Shift (GX1200.1)


For more information, contact your local PG sales representative or visit I




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