New 12 Volt Association Launches

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MES Family Car Stereo Trade Group to Launch

The Mobile Electronics Syndicate is expanding beyond its role as a popular online industry forum.  It is launching a new full-fledged 12 volt industry trade organization offering mentoring, training and business services for car audio retailers.

Called the MES Family, the association will consist of dealers and suppliers with the aim of bettering the industry.  Ata Ehdaivand, owner of Absolute Electronix, MD, will serve as Director of the Group and Eric Carter, owner of the former Cartronix, IN will service as President.  Ron Hoser of Tier One Motoring, PA will take the post of Vice President and Jon Dewar of Modern Media Geeks will serve as Chairman. About a half dozen other industry members will also serve on the board of directors.

The MES Family will officially launch in 51 days.  It will offer point of sale retail software, an industry-wide vehicle fit guide, product and installation training, dealer certification, marketing and more.

Members of the board will serve as “mentors” to other members, providing individual or group training, said Ehdaivand.  One mentor might lead training sessions on Quickbooks or another on improving a shop’s profits.

MES Ehdaivand,-Carter-Hoser
MES Family leaders (left to right) Ata Ehdaivand, Eric Carter and Ron Hoser

“If Bob’s Car Stereo shop wants to learn more about financials and the back end of the business, we will help him.  There’s a bunch of people willing to spend many hours a week to make his business better and more successful,” said Ehdaivand.

All MES Family members receive access to a vehicle fit guide that incorporates car audio products from many suppliers.  So instead of a salesperson or technician looking up an amplifier on one vendor site and subwoofer on another, he can consult a single fit guide for the customer’s vehicle. The fit guide is sponsored by various suppliers.  “Right now, a salesperson might have to go to 4-, 5-, or 6 websites to find all the products. They spend 15 to 20 minutes of time where now they can go to one website and spend 3 minutes,” said Ehdaivand.  With the fit guide, a green recruit can quote a job on day one, he said.

The association will also offer a Certification Program for salespeople and technicians consisting of online quizzes. Dealers receive a certificate they can hang on the store wall.  “A lot of people are doing things in their way, old school.  We want to make sure people are using all the expertise we have from the industry and installing things the correct way,” Carter said. He gave the example of a tech who said after two years of installing he found that about half of the subwoofers he installs end up blowing up.  The Certification Program can help technicians to up their game.

The association will offer YouTube instructional videos on business training. And though not a buying group, the association will provide member discounts on expenses including health care, rental cars, office supplies and vacations. It will also offer marketing services and seasonal graphics for Black Friday, remote start season, etc.  A member can also customize the graphics with his or her store logo.

A half dozen vendors are expected to announce their support for the association at launch time.  Some service companies have already said they will join including digital marketing company Modern Media Geeks, and retail display companies 5-Axis and Audiostak.

Mentors are compensated through the services of the association. For example, they may receive the POS software at no cost. But Ehdaivand points out that many retailers are already giving hours of their time on the Mobile Electronics Syndicate without compensation.

The group will publish a newsletter once a month that talks about hot topics in the industry and problem solving.  It will include a “Technician Talk,” that may also become part of a YouTube video series.

Until now the Mobile Electronics Syndicate has been an industry Facebook group with 4,400 members, that first launched in 2017.  Carter said the MES Family would be happy with half that membership.

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