New USB Device Adds to CarPlay Radios

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GCH Offers USB plug in for CarPlay radios

GCH Automotive has launched a new streaming media USB device for the car that plugs into a CarPlay car radio to allow apps such as Netflix to appear on the radio screen.

The new USBN-K1 also lets users control apps directly from the factory screen.  It includes a WiFi hot spot and it is pre-loaded with Google Maps. It plugs into the USB port of the car radio and is user installable.

To stream apps, users connect to the USBN-K1 with a smartphone or portable hot spot to receive full, unrestricted access to wireless apps such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and more. You can view these pre-built into the K1 memory or you can visit the Google Play store and download them.

The device also provides full factory-controlled navigation without the need for a smartphone to receive a signal.

“It piggy backs onto the CarPlay built into the vehicle by using its function controls to operate and its interfacing is automatic; no tricky programming or calibration needed,” said Greg Delgado of GCH.

This is the first aftermarket use of GPS achieved without an antenna through a USB connection, added Delgado.  “With cars being increasingly more intelligent, features like GPS can be accessed through data as opposed of the traditional antenna,” he said.

GCH also includes a powered antenna with the USBN-K1, as all cars do not yet offer the data for GPS via USB.

Once connected, the USBN-K1 will auto launch. Then users push the Google Maps icon to begin navigation without the need for a cellphone.

The device works with factory CarPlay radios from almost all car makers including Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Honda, Nissan. Mercedes, Audi as well as Jeep, Kia and Hyundai and many aftermarket radios. More compatible vehicles are being added.

The device also includes a pass through USB port.

For more information visit or call 951-847-5673.



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