600-700 Best Buys Reopening Installation

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Best Buy car audio dept

Scratch yesterday’s report. Best Buy is reopening car audio installation in 600 to 700 locations around the nation in July, according to three industry members.

Additionally, we spoke to Best Buy shops in Colorado and Connecticut that both said they are currently scheduling car audio appointments starting July 23.

With sales booming at many car audio specialists, industry members question whether some of that plus business is due to Best Buy’s closure of their installation bays earlier in the pandemic.

About 1000 Best Buy car audio shops offered car audio installation prior to the pandemic.

Best Buy did not respond to our inquiry and we have no word on when the remaining locations will reopen installation.

We asked Tony Dehnke, Founder of 12v.Biz and leader of weekly 12v Sales Pro and ME Retail Leaders webinars, for advice to dealers if and when their local Best Buy reopens installation. He said:

“My suggestion on what to do if a retailer wanted to be proactive to the re-opening (if they saw Best Buy promoting it), would be to ensure they review with staff their sales process on why clients should choose their store, and prepare some social media posts and ads to run promoting their facility, install quality and staff expertise.”

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  1. It will be interesting to see if they are able to get product….. since no one else seems to have it.

  2. Central WI store here, been open and in business for about 2 weeks. Best Buy is doing pretty decent with the safety aspect, and my schedule has been packed. Feels nice to work on cars again, but it’s a bummer the pandemic is raging still.. makes you a little nervous despite all the mask wearing and disinfecting.

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