Best Buy Tests Installation Reopening

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Best Buy reports on Q2 2020

Best Buy has been testing reinstating car audio installation at many stores in Minneapolis. Additionally, some stores in Houston have reopened their car audio installation bays, said industry members.

Two Best Buy locations in the Minneapolis area confirmed they are now offering car audio installation services.  One said the installation department has been open for a month.

Three industry members also said that Houston was another test market but we were unable to get beyond the phone menu when calling Houston Best Buy stores.

A car audio specialist in Houston, said that a local Best Buy resumed car audio installation about three weeks ago.  The specialist, however, said he had seen no fall off in his business, which has been strong for the past 2  1/2 months.

With Best Buy’s newly reinstated car audio installation service, customers are not allowed to wait in the store’s waiting area.  They are met outside to check in their car and then the car is wiped down before and after the installer works on it, said one Minneapolis location.

Best Buy did not respond to our inquiries.

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