Nemesis Ships 12K Watt Amplifier

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Nemesis Audio

Dallas, TX – Nemesis Audio, maker of competition speakers and amplifiers since 2014, is shipping a new line of Made in Korea Amplifiers.  The line of “Team Nemesis” amplifiers includes 10 new models:  8 new monoblock amplifiers, one 4-channel amplifier, and one 5-channel amplifier.

The all new NA-K12000D is Nemesis’ largest amplifier to date, offering 12,000 watts RMS.  All “Team Nemesis” amplifiers are conservatively rated and will exceed RMS power ratings, it said.

Team Nemesis amplifiers will range in power from 1,000W RMS – 12,000W RMS

Nemesis will also introduce in the 3rd quarter of 2020 Nemesis batteries, that will complement the Team Nemesis amplifiers, as well as a new Brazilian Style series of amplifiers.

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New Nemesis amplifiers:

  • NA-K12000D
  • NA-K7500D
  • NA-K6000D
  • NA-K4000D
  • NA-K3000D
  • NA-K2000D
  • NA-K1500D
  • NA-K1000D
  • NA-K200X4
  • NA-K2200X5D
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