Car Audio New Releases Pushed Back Due to COVID

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Alpine Kenwood new decks delayed

Some of the hot new car audio products that were due this spring or summer have been pushed back due to the Coronavirus.

In all fairness, the industry sees product delays every year, even without a major pandemic. A hot product introduced at CES in January may not make it to store shelves until September even in the best of years.

Here is a listing of a few new products due this year, many of which have slipped past their original shipping dates:


Head units:

Kenwood’s large screen floating radios are now due in September.

Alpine’s 11-inch floating radio–the largest from a leading brand– was originally due in June.  The Halo11 is now due in August.


Other Alpine products:

Halo Subwoofer Enclosures, originally due in May, are now scheduled for July.

PXE-X09 sound processor is now due in July.

KTA-200M amplifier is due this month.


Directed 4G SMARTVIEW launch has been pushed back from May to late August, early September.

Alpine dashcams are now due in September.



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