Many 12V Distributor Shows Postponed Through April

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Most of the car audio distributor shows scheduled for the remainder of March and April have been postponed or cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the US.

Woofer Electronics, Chicago and Shiftlet & Dickson Gastonia, NC postponed their respective March 17 and 22 shows until a future date to be announced. Ultimate Marketing, SC has also postponed its March Madness show.

Mid-State Distributing, Chicago and R&D, MI have also postponed their April shows and DAS cancelled its April 7-8 show dates.  BB Distributing has postponed its first CMA Expo in Canada planned for April 5-7.

N&H Distributing, Hattisburg, MS a rare hold out and it will decide Wednesday or Thursday this week whether to postpone its show or simply limit the number of attendees among its suppliers.

As of Friday, Mid-State was still discussing whether to postpone its May show in Omaha.

We asked several of the above distributors if the Coronavirus had impacted sales to date. Several said it was too early to tell.

Vickers AV of Marietta, GA holds a spring dealer show every other year so it had not scheduled one for 2020.  Vice President Kelley Vickers said, “It’s like a regular day but there’s a cloud hanging over everything. We’re trying to keep this place sanitized and not give in to the panic.”

Rather than a show, LESCO Distributing of FL is offering what it calls “25 days of special prices and promotions” at its four locations including two in Florida, one in Indiana and one in Texas. This promotion will continue and dealers may contact the following LESCO offices for information: Miami at 305-593-6131; Orlando at 386-775-7244; South Bend, IN at 574-251-4980 and Carrollton (Dallas) at 972-446-1505.


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