Pioneer to Offer Blind Spot Detectors

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Pioneer enters blind spot detectors

Pioneer Electronics showed at CES this month two blind spot monitoring systems due for release in March.

The company revealed a license plate bar system and an advanced two-way system that were “soft launched” at CES to gauge dealer reaction.

A spokesman said, “Based on several positive discussions, Pioneer will be shipping these products in Spring 2020.  As specifications are finalized and a shipping date is determined, Pioneer will share more details.”

The SDA-BS100 is a license plate bar system that works with both metal and non-metal bumpers without cutting or drilling required. It can be installed either at the top or the bottom of the license plate frame.

The SDA-BS900 can detect both approaching and passing vehicles.   The microwave system works with non-metal bumpers, again without drilling, and it adds cross-traffic detection when the car is backing up.

Pioneer said the systems will be part of its growing offering in Driver Assistance products that includes telematics devices, traditional rear-view cameras, dash cameras, and rear parking sensors.

Pioneer offers a range of ADAS solutions available in Japan and sees an opportunity to market them in the US, it said.


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