New VOXX Bluetooth Remote Start

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VOXX CarLink Credit Card Like Remote Start

VOXX is adding to its Bluetooth CarLink Long Range system that allows digital remote start systems to be launched via smartphone over Bluetooth.  VOXX will soon ship an alternative transmitter  for the system that requires no key fob.

Instead of a key fob transmitter, the new CarLink Long Range is the size of a credit card, and roughly double the thickness, so it can be stored in a wallet or purse, and remain out of sight.  As long as the driver’s phone is within Bluetooth range of the credit card-sized transmitter, or about 75 to 100 feet, the “credit card” will communicate with the car’s antenna over LoRa RF technology, giving the consumers at least a mile of range to remote start the car, without any data fees.

It also provides remote door lock/unlock.

LoRa’s long-range, low-power radio frequencies allow near instant communication, within a few hundred milliseconds, said VOXX.

The original CarLink BT Long Range was similar, but in the form of a one-button transmitter.

The new credit card sized system CCLRCC will carry a suggested retail price of $199 (versus the transmitter version at $179).

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