Brandmotion Ships Streaming ‘Cadillac Mirror’

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Brandmotion FMVR-1000 streaming mirror

Brandmotion began shipping last week a rear camera streaming mirror, similar to the streaming mirror first found on Cadillacs.

The entire rear view replacement mirror is an always-on monitor showing video footage from a rear camera so that drivers get a full view of the area behind the car in real time.  The view is unobstructed by passengers, or packages or headrests that would typically block the rear view using a standard rear view mirror.

Through the touch screen, encompassing the full area of the mirror, users can swipe downward to see a lower camera view, which is helpful for those who want to keep an eye on the contents of their truck bed.

With the flip of a switch, the mirror converts back to a standard mirror.

It uses a 1080p HD camera with 170-degree wide angle vision (triple that of a normal mirror), said Brandmotion. The mirror/screen is 9.66 inches.

Called the FullVUE FVMR-1000, the mirror is particularly useful for fleets and owners of cargo vans that often have no rear windows, said Brandmotion President, Lucas Frank.

Brandmotion is also working on a version of the mirror for trailers, so users can place a rear view camera in back of a trailer to see the road behind them.

The FVMR-1000 has a retail price of $399.99.

For a video on the FVMR-1000 click here.

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