Kenwood Radios Now Work With Escort Radar Detectors

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Sorry we are a couple of days late on this story:

Escort custom installed radar detectors can now be controlled by Kenwood car AV receivers.

The Escort iX Ci and MAX Ci can now work with the latest Kenwood AV receivers when used with an all-new iDatalink Maestro RR2 interface by Automotive Data Solutions (ADS). (See separate story).

Drivers will be able to receive alerts and adjust radar settings through the car radio.  They can view vehicle speed and speed limit.  Audio alerts play through the car’s front speaker, announcing the specific radar or laser band, and your current speed and direction (if radar is installed).  Drivers can use their touch screen to turn off the laser shifter and mark red light cameras, or speed trap and police locations.

The Escort iX Ci and Escort MAX Ci are integrated directly into the vehicle to provide front radar protection with the option to add rear protections and up to 4 laser shifters.  The MAX  Ci shipped a year ago starting at $1,999.95 and the iX Ci began shipping in April, starting at $1,499.95.

Kenwood dealers will stock the new Maestro RR2 interface required for the radios to work with the ESCORT radar detectors.

Kenwood/ADS/Escort integration will be on display at KnowledgeFest, August 17-19 at the Dallas Convention Center. For training events on the products see


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