Spring Break Nationals Returns to Daytona International Speedway

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Spring Break Nationals 2017 with Paul Pirro

Press Release:

Daytona Beach, FL – This spring, the Daytona 500 kicks off the NASCAR season, so it’s fitting that the 32nd running of the Spring Break Nationals, “Americas’ Car Audio Expo” kicks off the auto sound season at the Daytona International Speedway. March 23 – 25th 2018, the premier Car Audio Associations will host Soundoff competitions while the industry’s leading Manufacturers will exhibit Sound and Safety categories to some 15,000 attendees.


Held in conjunction with the Spring Turkey Run Car Show (STR), SBN took the lead last year to leave the Ocean convention center it occupied for 30 years for the Speedway venue. “It just makes sense” says SBN founder and 12-Volt retailer Paul Papadeas, “we were able to cut costs dramatically and can apply focus on the consumer awareness event which is SBN’s strength. When the 16 -24-year-old male was our demographics, SBN ruled the roost. Now that millennials occupy that age range, we’re focused on the more affluent consumer who are upgrading the sound quality of their systems and buying safety accessories”.


A new agreement with the STR management will place SBN Exhibitors right at the Main Entrance of the event. Papadeas goes on to say: “We learned quite a lot in the first year collaborating with the Speedway event; foot traffic patterns and other specific logistics being the most important”. Additional improvements will include more square footage to use, better visibility, more personal facilities and increased shuttle service to and from all areas including the SPL DEMO area and concessions.


For more information, contact the IASCA Office at 386 322 1551 or visit springbreaknationals.com.


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