New Brand Offers “Cadillac” Video Mirror

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New brand DriveAssist Technologies is shipping two rear view replacement mirrors that show a video feed of the rear of the car, as in the popular “Cadillac mirror” offered on certain high end vehicles.

The mirrors comes in 9.8″ or 8.5″ sizes with full touchscreen ability and 1080P display. It uniquely offers both front and rear camera recording acting as a dual dashcam.

Called FullVue, the mirrors eliminate obstructions such as headrests, luggage and passengers and increases the field of vision by an estimated 300 percent over traditional rear view mirrors, said DriveAssist.

“The FullVue mirror represents the state of the art in rear vision and comes in two High Definition sizes that display 1080P streaming video captured from a rear mounted digital camera and a built-in 1080P Dash Cam,” said DriveAssist VP Sales & Marketing Bob Goodman.

Users can toggle between the standard mirror view and the video display.

FullVue uses a quad core CPU. Its dashcam has a G sensor and GPS for vehicle tracking and incident archiving even when parked.

With the mirror’s touchscreen users can move the image up or down to adjust the viewing angle for towing or for parking.

It comes with an 8GB SD card and accepts up to 64GB SD cards.  It also comes with a universal mount.  Vehicle specific mounting solutions are sold separately.

The mirrors will be available this month at suggested retail prices of $549.95 and $579.95.

DriveAssist is a brand of Cybcar, a 10 year old OE supplier of integration and navigation products  It launched around November and currently works with about 40 to 50 dealers said Goodman.




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