Hide-Away Dashcam From Rostra

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Dashcams are great but they can be bulky and unsightly on the windshield.  So Rostra introduced at the SEMA Show last week a hideaway dash cam “brain” that may be installed in a glovebox while two tiny cameras mount on the windshield or rear of the car for full coverage.

The cameras are wired into the brain but the brain communicates wirelessly over WiFi with a mobile device like an iPhone or Android phone that serves as a monitor for viewing DVR footage.


The brain includes an SD card and the system comes with a GPS antenna and a microphone to record audio.

“We’re starting to move away from cameras on the dash. They spend all day in the sun and it ruins the SD card,” said Rostra’s Bill Simmons, speaking on the show floor.

The camera system is aimed at both consumer and commercial users.  It is due to ship in the first quarter next year at a suggested retail price around $300.

It will be joined by a Rostra motorcycle cruise control add on and also the first 180 degree aftermarket cameras, according to Rostra.   The line of 3 cameras is compliant with FMVSSIII so the cameras may be used commercially.   They will ship before the end of the year at about $100 each.



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  1. There are already completely standalone dash cams that are about the same size as those cameras. So what’s the point again? For this to make sense, they need to be smaller. MAYBE the one on the bottom of that picture. But the one on the top, nope. Already cams that size on Amazon for like 50 bucks with 1080p res.

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