CEoutlook Message to Our Readers

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CEoutlook announcement

CEoutlook is changing the way we present stories to avoid confusion in the future.

We publish both press releases and feature stories.  Feature stories are researched and fact checked by CEoutlook. Press releases are statements from suppliers that we do not fact check; we simply run them as an industry service. (Any company can submit a press release).

When a company sends us a press release it will now be marked PRESS RELEASE.  Again, these releases are not fact checked or vetted by CEoutlook.  They are simply statements from a supplier announcing company news.

Feature stories in CEoutlook will be marked FEATURE STORY.  These are articles on topics that we believe are important to our readers and merit your attention. Once again, these stories are researched and fact checked by CEoutlook.

At CEoutlook we work hard to bring you news that will help you run your business.  We are privileged that many of you take time from your day to stop and read our newsletter.  We strive to be worthy of that privilege.

Thank you!

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  1. Amy, you’re the BEST in the BIZ! If this template had BOLD and UNDERLINE i would have used it!

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