What to Expect at the SEMA Show: OEM Doctor

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With the SEMA Show officially opening Tuesday, you can cut the anticipation with a knife!

I know I look forward to this show every year!!


I have been in touch with a few factories and wanted to give some of you the scoop on new products to look out for if you are attending.

First, wireless CarPlay!  The process of getting an Apple-approval to license product has shown to be a daunting task but is looking to pay off for some companies.  Keep your eyes open for this during the SEMA and CES shows.

Also, expect more products with the Amazon Echo interfacing.  Echo by Amazon has seemed to make its way into many households across the US with over 25,000,000 units sold, according to Amazon’s latest statistic (includes combined sales of Echo Show/Echo Dot and Echo).   A few companies are using this technology to begin the journey of H2V (home to vehicle) interfacing where a simple Alex voice command can operate various functions of your car such as remote locking, remote starting and GPS locating.

Lastly, many new cars are shipping without a CD player, including new Toyota vehicles.  A company has figured out  how to take the CD player and put it back in the car using today’s technology for those vehicles lacking one.  Don’t give up on the CD player just yet!

One more note,  with SEMA just around the corner, we can’t help but think about the venue  this year and the senseless shooting that rattled the City of Lights not so long ago and took so many lives. It reminds us that life is short and any of us can go at any time so do what you can while you can to take care of those we love so dearly.  May the days bring you blessings and prosperity!

 –OEM Doctor

The SEMA Show will be held October 31-November 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.





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  1. Look for big news on the Aftermarket ADAS segment too. There is a SEMA Press Conference on Wednesday that will be great news for the aftermarket 12V specialty and Expediter channels!

    Everyone that is attendingSEMA should attend the Press conference Wednesday at noon in the Press Conference area.

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