Heise Intros New Cube, RGB Lighting at the SEMA Show

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Heise RGB

Holly Hill, FL – New high output cube lights and RGB Accent lights from Heise LED Lighting Systems®, a brand by Metra Electronics, will debut at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas from October 31 – November 3.


High Output Cube Lights

Options will be available for flood or spot beam cube lights in different sizes and housing colors, and a two-pack option that includes a dual light wiring harness. Green hunting cube lights, undetectable by most hogs and wildlife, will also be showcased.


The new, three inch, high output cube lights are available with four or six OSRAM LEDs with three watts each, for a total of twelve or eighteen watts. These lights are brighter than ever, with 960 raw lumens in the four LED cube light models and 1,440 raw lumens in the six LED cube light models. The end caps are interchangeable for custom color accents and the durable die-cast aluminum housing is dark gray. Heise LED Lighting Systems® is known for durable, torture tested lights with a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens. These waterproof, high output cube lights use this same sturdy construction and are IP68 rated, with integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics and stainless 316 hardware. A four LED (HE-MHCL2) or six LED (HE-MHCL3) option with a 90 degree flood beam and white housing is available for marine use.


For hunting, green LED cube light options are available in a 90 degree flood beam (HE-HCL2G) or 8 degree spot beam (HE-HCL2SG). The green LED wavelength is 513 to 534 nm, and is undetectable by most hogs and wildlife. This makes the lights ideal for hunting vehicles, ATVs and side-by-sides.

RGB Accent Lighting

Heise’s new RGB Accent Lighting allows the user to select and control lighting colors, patterns, timers and more through a smartphone app. LED accent lighting has become a popular choice for customizing vehicles, and are used in wheel wells, underneath vehicles, inside of truck beds, and even on boats. With the success of Heise’s popular single-color auxiliary accent lighting pods, the HE-TL1 and HE-ML1, these new lights bring an array of RGB color options that allow consumers to change colors with the swipe of their finger. Designed for rugged use and withstanding the worst environments, the polycarbonate lens is virtually unbreakable and the lights are IP68 rated. They can get hit, shaken, banged up and wet – without fear of failure.


New RGB Accent Lighting is available in white (HE-ML1RGB) or black (HE-TL1RGB) housing material made of aluminum. These small but powerful auxiliary accent lighting pods use three 3-watt CREE LED lights that provide a significant level of illumination. They are designed to be used with a control box (HE-CBRGB) that turns a smartphone or tablet into a remote control via the Heise RGB App, available for both Android and iOS devices. This free mobile app allows the user to control the lights by selecting colors through a color wheel, choosing pre-programmed flash patterns and colors, an option to flash colors with music, and even has a timer to select when to turn on and off a specific pattern or color. Up to eight accent lights can be added per control box.

Competitively Priced Kits

While the lights and control box may be purchased individually, Heise is also introducing convenient and competitively priced four-pack or eight-pack starter kits, both available in white or black housing options. The black four-pack starter kit (HE-4TLRGBK) includes four of the black RGB accent lights and one control box. The white four-pack starter kit (HE-4MLRGBK) includes the same, except in white. This is an affordable package that is also scalable, allowing the installer to later add an additional four lights, with up to eight total in the system.

For consumers wanting to illuminate even more, the eight-pack kit is an ideal solution, and includes eight Heise RGB Accent Lights and a control box. Available in black (HE-8TLRGBK) or white (HE-8MLRGBK).

Accessories and Coordinating Parts

The HE-TL1RGB has black hardware and the HE-ML1RGB includes stainless hardware. Both products come with a flat and curved rubber mounting pad and a 10 foot cable with a waterproof connector for the control box.

A water resistant control box, HE-CBRGB, is designed to be mounted in the engine compartment and includes eight outputs for eight RGB lights. The app allows for up to eight control boxes to be used, with up to 64 RGB accent lights (HE-TL1RGB’s or HE-ML1RGB’s) controlled by one app. The control box is included in the kits or may be purchased separately.

Additional coordinating products, sold separately, are a pigtail (HE-PTRGB), which allows installers to wire in the RGB Accent Lights to another Heise RGB controller, such as the 16 Color RGB LED Strip Control Unit (HE-RGBC-1) or 16 Color RGB WiFi Controller (HE-WFRGBC-1). A 10 foot extension cable, HE-EXTRGB, is also available and sold separately if a longer cable is needed for connecting to the control box.

Part Numbers


Part #                         Product

HE-CBRGB               Control Box

HE-TL1RGB              RGB Accent Light w/ Black Housing

HE-ML1RGB             RGB Accent Light w/ White Housing

HE-4TLRGBK           Four-Pack Starter Kit: RGB Accent Lighting w/ Black Housing & Control Box

HE-4MLRGBK          Four-Pack Starter Kit: RGB Accent Lighting w/ White Housing & Control Box

HE-8TLRGBK           Eight-Pack Kit: RGB Accent Lighting w/ Black Housing & Control Box

HE-8MLRGBK          Eight-Pack Kit: RGB Accent Lighting w/ White Housing & Control Box

HE-PTRGB               Pigtail

HE-EXTRGB             10 Foot Extension Cable


All of Heise’s new products will be at Metra’s main booth #11639 in the North Hall. Heise’s off-road, powersports and truck accessories will be on display at booth #35227 in the South Hall. Marine grade lighting products will also be showcased the same week at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, at booth #4191 inside the Sailfish Pavilion at the Broward County Convention Center.  Visit HeiseLED.com to download the latest Heise catalog, which will be released on 10/31/17.


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