Rydeen Ships New Digital Parking Sensor System

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TORRANCE, CA – Rydeen Mobile Electronics announces shipping of new PSR4000D Digital Parking Sensor System.  This system works on the rear and/or front bumper applications.  It comes standard with four (4) standard digital sensor heads that can be used for the rear and/or the front applications.

Also available are two different additional sensor head kits.  The “PSK4” comes with four standard mount sensors.  The “PSK4 Flush” comes with four flush style sensors heads, to install most like OEM luxury and exotic vehicles. The digital sensors are paintable and come with a painting mask kit in the box.

“The PSR4000D gives the installer total flexibility in meeting the many potential applications. Our dealers and distributors should have no dilemma determining what kit to employ; this new system is truly a one kit fits all” states Jordan Shahriary, Rydeen’s Product Trainer.

Each sensor head comes with its own digital circuit board that can plug into any location specific position on the main unit.  There are eight (8) ports that are separated front and rear as well inside and outside locations on the bumper. More importantly there are special programming options for provided external LED display, one being able to remove the distance number to mimic OEM found solutions.

The PSR4000D is shipping now and carries a very affordable MSRP of $99 not including installation. The PSK4 and PSK4 Flush kits have an MSRP of $79 each.

About Rydeen

Innovation and Value aren’t usually two words you find in the same sentence, but that’s what Rydeen is all about: melding the best of today’s technology into smart, practical devices that are easy to use, and make them available to consumers at an affordable price. Headquartered in Torrance, Calif., with a local staff that lives and breathes consumer electronics, we create unique products focused on driver safety, convenience and lifestyle enhancement.

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